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Live Streaming

DP World is a leading global provider of smart logistics solutions, known for its innovative port infrastructure and services. We at oXyFire have been collaborating with DP world UK for several years, providing seedless live streaming solutions for their remote and in person conferences. This long standing partnership demonstrated oXyFire’s expertise in delivering high-quality event production services.

This year, DP World EU approached oXyFire to create a live fireside chat production at their office in central London. The event was envisioned to be streamed live to different sites across the EU. The primary challenge was to organise a smooth and engaging live fireside chat that would effectively engage the audience and resonate with DP World’s values and objectives. Additionally, we needed to ensure that the event planning and execution would be stress-free for DP World EU, allowing them to focus on the content and experience the event.

We embraced the opportunity to collaborate with DP World EU and create an exceptional Live Fireside Chat experience. We offered a range of approaches, allowing DP World EU to tailor the level of involvement according to their preferences.

We initiated a close collaboration with DP World to fully understand their vision and objectives for this live event. Through multiple brainstorming sessions, both teams identified key themes, messaging and desired outcomes, laying the foundations for an engaging fireside chat.

As DP World’s event partner, oXyFire took charge of event management, ensuring a flawless execution. The production company liaised with top-notch events companies to design and set up the perfect space within DP World’s head office in central london. By handling logistics and coordination, oXyFire ensured the DP World could focus on other aspects of the event.

Understanding the importance of creative control, oXyFire allowed DP World to have full creative input in the event’s setup and aesthetics. This approach ensured that the event space aligned with DP World’s brand identity and created an atmosphere conducive to the fireside chat’s objectives.

As seasoned live streaming experts, oXyFire utilised state of the art equipment and technologies to ensure a seamless live broadcast. The production team conducted thorough testing and rehearsals, minimising the risk of technical glitches during the stream.

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