Our Values

A camera view screen pointing at an empty boxing ring, prepping for the fight

Be kind

"be kind whenever possible. it is always possible."

- the 14th dalai lama

At oXyFire Media, we believe being nice is not just a positive way to interact with others, but also a fundamental value that guides our actions and decisions. We pledge to treat our colleagues, clients, partners and the planet with kindness, respect and empathy.

Be Green

"the greatest threat to our planet is the BELIEF that someone else will save it!"

-Robert swan

We recognise that our actions have a massive impact on the environment and the future of our planet. Therefore, we pledge to be responsible stewards of the natural resources, reduce our carbon footprint, and promote sustainable practices in all aspects of our business. If we produce emissions, we pledge offset by planting trees.

At oXyFire, we understand the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and the impact it has on the environment. That's why we have implemented several initiatives to reduce our carbon usage and strive to become carbon-neutral. We not only focus on reducing our current carbon emissions but also offsetting our future carbon spend. We achieve this through investing in carbon offset projects that support renewable energy, reforestation, and other sustainable practices.

Additionally, we are constantly researching and implementing new technologies that reduce our carbon usage, such as energy-efficient equipment and alternative energy sources.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our business, and we will continue to take proactive steps to minimize our environmental impact.

Be Creative

"do not wait for extraordinary circumstances to do good action; try to use ordinary situations."

- jean-paul richter

Being creative is a crucial aspect of oXyFire. It enables us to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to problems. Creativity fosters an environment of constant learning and growth, pushing us to challenge ourselves and our surroundings.

A girl stood in front of a lake at night time whist a water jet sprays water in the air and light is projected on it, creating a blue and purple ombre effect.