With over a decade of experience with broadcasting different sporting events we are proud to have partnered with some of the biggest companies to ensure your audience get to see all the exciting action.

Outside Broadcast

With over a decade's worth of experience, we at oXyFire pride ourselves on consistently delivering high quality productions, collaborating closely with clients and broadcasters to exceed their expectations.

At the heart of our success in broadcasting live sporting events, especially boxing, lies our commitment to understanding the unique objectives and requirements of each client and broadcaster. We work closely with our stakeholders to establish their goals for the broadcast, determining the number of cameras, interview requirements, commentary preferences, VTs, slow motion action replays and any other specific elements they require. By involving our clients in the decision-making process, we ensure a tailor-made production that aligns perfectly with the clients vision.

oXyFire takes pride in our cutting-edge equipment and infrastructure, which enables seamless live broadcasts. We meticulously plan and set up all the equipment to ensure the best possible outcome. With multiple 4K cameras, professional audio equipment and a sophisticated lighting set up, as well as our outside broadcast trailer we can ensure the highest quality production goes out to your audience.

2 cameras set up on some scaffolding pointed at an empty boxing ring, video production, live sporting events, outside broadcast
a photo from a dark studio with the director and vision mixer sat in front of lots of screens whilst broadcasting a live boxing event. live broadcast, video production, outside broadcast, live broadcast

Our OB trailer is equipped with advanced technology that allows for reliable and uninterrupted live broadcasting for any venue. Our use of backup systems within the trailer also allow for minimal chances of feed dropout, providing your viewers with a consistent and immersive experience.

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