Let us help you by providing convenient, cost-effective and engaging training videos that empower employees, customers and partners to acquire knowledge and skills efficiently.

Video Production

E-learning videos offer a convenient and cost-effective way to train employees, customers, or partners on various topics such as product knowledge, compliance, safety, and new technologies.

Training through a video format allows learners to complete their training from anywhere and at their own pace. At oXyFire we specialise in creating engaging and effective e-learning videos that meet your company's needs and learning objectives. With our expertise in instructional design and our experience creating videos in a wide range of industries and niches, we can deliver customised solutions that align with your brand and messaging.

"High quality video at a reasonable price"

By choosing oXyFire to work with you when producing e-learning content, you can benefit from us taking care of every aspect of the production process. From the pre-production documents, we can write scripts with input from you. We contract, audition and hire actors that best suit your production. We can find the perfect location. On the shoot days we take care of everything so you can relax and watch as magic unfolds behind the scenes.

Our team of professionals captures the essence of your company’s vision. We understand the importance of delivering content that aligns with your objectives and branding. Throughout the editing phase, we actively seek and incorporate your feedback, ensuring satisfaction with the final product. We offer a collaborative approach, allowing you to have as much or as little input as you desire. This flexibility should empower you to maintain creative control over your videos or entrust our experienced team to bring their ideas to life independently.

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