An in person and streamed award show celebrating the wonders and achievements of adult learners in collaboration with the Learning and Work Institute

Live Streaming

We have the pleasure to work in collaboration with the Learning and Work Institute for their Festival of Learning (FOL) to celebrate some amazing lifelong learners. The FOL’s mission is to highlight the benefits of learning, to celebrate achievements of adults who have used learning to transform their lives, and to encourage everyone to embrace lifelong learning.

“Festival of Learning ... celebrates the benefits of lifelong learning and inspires more adults to learn.”

We have worked on the FOL for multiple years now which is an annual awards ceremony for adult learners, tutors, projects and employers that enables us to celebrate their achievements as well as showcase and share stories that will motivate and inspire others - either to give learning a go or improve their teaching and learning practices.

Here at oXyFire we are passionate about continuous learning, training and talent development. We aim to ensure the current and future skill requirements are met, thereby contributing to the future development of our industry.

For this set up we worked with remote PTZ cameras that do not need an individual camera operator for each camera but a single person to control all 4 cameras from one position. The benefits we see from using these cameras is that they are less invasive for the award show audience whilst still allowing viewers from home to experience the show as a whole.

Along with the 4 PTZ cameras we had 2 manned Blackmagic Ursa G2 cameras to ensure the entire award show was captured.

It is such a pleasure to work with the Institute of Learning and Work to capture such a special moment for the winners and their loved ones who have gone above and beyond to celebrate learning.

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