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“I have worked with oXyFire on a couple of projects now and both times were a pleasure!
Working with oXyFire has been seamless from start to finish - their team is talented, passionate and committed to creating the highest quality content for their customers.
For anyone looking for video production and editing services, I would recommend oXyFire in a flash! I look forward to continuing this great working relationship!” - Zara, INTELEX.

Video Production

As a video production company committed to sustainability, our collaboration with INTELEX presented an exciting opportunity to work with a company who shared our passion for continuous green working. We’ve had the opportunity to showcase their work with two diverse companies, Cory and Forterra. By Leveraging our expertise, we created two impactful case study videos that captured the essence of Intelex’s mission and the positive impact their software solutions have had on these businesses.

Client background Intelex is a global leader in the development of Environmental, Health and Safety and quality software. Their web and mobile applications streamline and simplify environmental, safety and quality management for organisations worldwide. With over two decades of experience, intelex is a pioneer in the market, empowering businesses to navigate complex challenges whilst minimising their negative social, environmental and human impacts.

"Video is FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for yours and the Team’s work on this; it’s a wonderful piece of content...We are delighted with it."

Filming the waste management processes posed unique challenges due to the dynamic nature of waste transportation on rivers. To overcome this, our team collaborated closely with Intelex and Cory to capture footage that showcased the efficiency and environmental benefits of their approach.

Due to the nature of Intelex’s software being 100% web / phone based there was a fear that we wouldn't be able to capture the true resources that were available to their clients within the app. With some editing and animation development we allowed audiences to see how the app worked within the video.

Our collaboration with Intelex and the respective companies was marked by effective communication and seamless coordination. Virtual meetings and discussions allowed us to align our creative vision with Intelex’s objectives, ensuring the videos accurately represented their software solutions and the positive outcomes achieved by Cory and Forterra.

The case study videos produced for Cory and Forterra successfully highlighted the transformative impact of Intelex’s software solutions on their sustainable practices. By showcasing the real-world benefits of streamlining environmental, safety, and quality management processes, the videos served as persuasive tools for attracting new clients to Intelex. They conveyed the commitment of all parties involved to create a more sustainable future.

With our passion for sustainability, we remain committed to creating high-quality professional-standard videos that can help businesses thrive while minimising their and our environmental footprint.

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